Monday, March 13, 2006

Things accomplished

This morning, I was in Happy Valley, where I accomplished the only Really Important Thing that was left (other than the marriage license) in order to get ready for the wedding. Vengance and I signed an apartment contract. Now we have a place to be married, and we have a place to live afterwards. If everything else falls through, we will still be fine. I also have a dress to wear, a place for the reception, invitations for the reception (that haven't been printed yet, need to do that this week), and we registered at Target this weekend for reasonably nice, but not overly expensive things. I have been to various doctors to make sure I will be healthy when I get married, and have new contacts to try out this week.

On my Things Not Done Yet list, I have the acquisition of personal accoutrements to be prettified for the wedding, a hair appointment to make, invitations to print, a couple people to call to see if they'd be willing to help set-up, serve food, and take down reception things, a couple lists of people to invite to compile into one big list and then mailing off all the invitations, shopping for Veng's ring, figuring out decorations and flowers and the cake, shopping for tuxes for the guys and shirts for the girls, sewing the girls' skirts, figuring out where to have the wedding dinner, checking my reservations on everything, and sorting through all my crap and throwing unnecessary things away.

Other than those things, I'm spending my time playing videogames. This weekend, I spent a couple hours playing Final Fantasy VII. I think I'm almost to the second disc now, which is exciting. I was rather frustrated for awhile as I was trying to figure out where I had left the Little Bronco and was unable to locate it. Then I realized that I had not, in fact, acquired it yet in that particular save, so I got to go do the whole Cid thing again. And then Cait Sith...grrr. And now, the Temple of the Ancients. Confusing place to try and find my way around. I doubt I'll be able to finish the game before getting married, but I think I can hold off on watching Advent Children until I'm on disc 2 at least. I'm still playing DDR and Karaoke Revolution as well.

I need to concentrate on spending more time reading as well. And I need to do my homework. It's a good thing I don't have classes this week, and am spending 10 fewer hours a week at work for awhile. I'm looking forward to it all, actually. I'm not too worried if things don't get worked out quite completely perfectly, or if some things don't get worked out at all. I think the extra time in the mornings is already doing me worlds of good in avoiding being stressed. Now if only my mother could acquire the same attitude. ;)

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Th. said...


It's good to have an apartment. We were shocked by the tightness of the market when we arrived newly married, thinking we could just move in somewhere....