Monday, March 27, 2006

Suck away my money please.

I need to make another trip to the pharmacy soon, so they can strip even more money out of my steadily-shrinking bank account. I decided it's worth it though, if I never again have to wake up at 3am to go hunch over the commode for an hour because of the extreme nauseation (I have to admit, I have no idea how to properly say that) resulting from too many hormones, and if I never again have to spend a half an hour recovering from not being able to breathe after five minutes of exercise while trying to figure out why my teeth are tingling. I am still waiting to find out how much of the hospital bill the insurance company is going to pay for (hopefully a whole lot of it, as otherwise my bank account will be half as full). Which reminds me, I still need to make an appointment for a follow-up checkup from that. I took the SteriStrip off this morning, and was pleasantly surprised to discover that what I had supposed were stitches were actually just scabs.

I'm still wondering why I decided it would be worth it to try to eat either breakfast or lunch today (or go to work at all for that matter). Well, okay, I decided to go to work for the sake of replacing some of the precious moneys that are being sucked from me by health care professionals the world over. And I ate because I thought it might help me feel better. Unfortunately, it didn't work. At all. If I feel like this from morning sickness when I'm pregnant, I'm going to be a very not-happy pregnant lady. Partially because of feeling sick, but mostly from how often I'll have to be cleaning the toilet.

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