Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Happy birthday to HCFrog! Yay for birthdays!'s been a while since I updated. Which for me means several days.

I have an appointment with the allergist tomorrow to discuss asthma problems. Mayhaps I can acquire me some loot, in the form of an inhaler. Thar be good times ahead, matey.

I have an appointment on Saturday with the eye doctor to discuss getting contacts again. This will only be the third eye doctor I've ever seen. Contacts are good. LASIK will be the best. Someday. Someday when I'm the rich and famous queen of the pirates. Arrrr.

Last Saturday, Veng and I sang in one of my voice teacher's pop concerts. We sang Happy Together by the Turtles as a duet. The entire audience seemed to enjoy it, and Veng got quite into it. It was very fun. I also sang At the Beginning (from Anastasia) and sang, I think, the best I've ever sung at a pops concert before. I need to go acquire some more diamonds in karaoke revolution. And, I need to challenge somebody officially to a Karaoke Revolution Challenge (there's an actual 2-player competition mode that goes through every part of the karaoke revolution game to determine who's the absolute complete best at it). Then I can be the Karaoke Queen of the Pirates.

Speaking of Karaoke reminds me of DDR, which I played for three hours with Veng on Saturday (after playing a few times on Friday night as well). Amazingly enough, though my legs were burning and shaking immediately afterwards, the sensation soon went away and I have not been sore at all since. We have acquired a plethora of A's on Light now. The greatest accomplishment of the weekend though was the fact that I got my first AA*. Ever. And then I got another one on a different song. And another. Three AA*'s in one weekend! I am impressed with myself. True, they were all on Light, but one of them was a five-footer. I think I am improving. Maybe, one of these days, I'll get the hang of half-steps and multi-jump sequences and will be able to proceed to playing songs on Standard. I may eventually become the Dancing Karaoke Queen of the Pirates.

In none-pirate-related news, I am still in desparate need of people's measurements so I can get started on sewing their skirts. This next week is my spring break, and I am determined to get them all sewn while I have no classes to attend, and if I don't get any measurements, I will guess at sizes, and that could well prove disastrous. Acquiring measurements for sewing can really be quite easy. Find a ruler and a piece of string. Wrap the string around your waist, marking where it meets. Measure with the ruler how long it is. Then do the same thing around the hips. Voila.

I have determined that, this summer, whilst I am taking no classes, I am going to sew myself a shirt. One that has detached sleeves. Like this or this (but I like the detachedness of the first more). I will have to get a different-colored fitted shirt to wear under it, but I think it will still be cool.

Everybody seems to have been making bread lately. This makes me want to eat homemade bread. Fresh from the oven. Hot and deliciously soft. It'd be pretty good if it was flavored bread too, with herbs, or cheese, and if I had some balsamic vinegar and olive oil to dip it in. Mmmm. Man, I'm making myself reeeaaally hungry.

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