Monday, March 20, 2006

Proven Benign

Please note, this post is neither very well-written, nor very interesting. If you already think I am a boring person who has no sense of humor, you will not want to read it. If you do not yet think I am a boring person, you may want to preserve the illusion by not reading it. If my brain was working better, I would rewrite it to be both well-written and entertaining. To my horrific misfortune, my brain refuses to work better, and is staging a protest in favor of less work and higher pay-offs in sleep-time to aid in post-illness recovery. It may blatantly go on strike at any moment. This entire paragraph was written after the rest of this post, so be well warned.

I think the illness, whatever it was, has run its course. Thursday I used it as an excuse to go see Troy, and Provoites. That was quite enjoyable, except for the part where I went and ate delicious Thai curry and it made me feel very sick, and I felt progressively worse from there. I do not believe the curry was the cause of feeling ill, I think it just magnified a few of the symptoms. I did not sing at my voice lesson that night, opting instead to set up a TV and DVD player to my teacher's sound system for the purpose of playing her karaoke DVD that had Killing Me Softly (sing like the Fugees!) on it, so that we could record it coming out of the speakers onto a tape, so that I can sing it. I love that version of that song. The version on the DVD was a bit slow, but it'll still be good. She was amazed that I knew what to do with what cords to get it all set up right (they were just standard A/V cables). I went home, and felt very sad because going to Provo made me realize how much I miss just going and sitting around with people on weekdays, not doing anything in particular, just enjoying each others' company. Oh, I also got to watch The Wedding Singer for the first time on Thursday.

On Friday, I woke up feeling rather feverish. My family does not own a thermometer, apparently, so I have no idea if I actually was or not. I took the day off work. I did not do anything all day. I sat in the living room with my mom and watched depressing movies. I called Mike on the phone and cried. I wanted to go to the St. Patty's dance party but knew I could not drive in the state I was in without passing out. I cried some more. We agreed Mike would come to my house, so he did (wonderful person that he is). I got dressed up all in green, and we attempted to drive down to Provo to briefly attend the party. We turned around after about ten minutes of driving because Mike noticed that I was very pale and had a death grip on the seatbelt to hold myself up in the seat. We spent the evening at my house. I watched him and my little brother play DDR. We watched disc two of Princess Nine. I sat on the couch and tried not to move. He walked me to my room after to make sure I didn't fall over on the way, and went home, and I went to sleep.

Saturday, luckily, I woke up feeling marginally better. Well enough to ride in a car, and drive a bit. So, I went shopping with my mother and little sister. I tried on loads of dresses, all of which looked cute on the hangar, and only one of which even looked decent on me. I don't particularly like shopping with my mom, and ended up very tired and frustrated. We were at the Provo Towne Center, so Mike came to meet us there, and then he and I went to get my parents' old brown Ford Escort (manual! yay!) from my older brother who's been driving it for the past two years. Then we went shopping at University Mall. I found no dresses there to try on at all. I didn't find any cute white shoes for the wedding either. But I did find a new store (DEB) that had lots of cute clothes (though their sizes all ran extremely small). I now own a pair of light green pants, a pair of bright green pajama pants, a new light green and white jacket, a pink hoodie t-shirt, a pink-and-green camo cropped hoodie t-shirt thing, and a blue halter top that I want to see if I can figure out some sleeves for (and more fabric in the back). Yet another sewing project. I spent too much money, but everything is a) really cute, and b) all on sale for 25% off for the store opening. And now I can throw out some of my old ugly clothes. After the shopping extravaganza, we went and saw the play Angels Unawares at the Margett's Theater at BYU. I thought it was well done, even if I didn't agree with most of the premises for the play. The costumes and lighting and acting were all great. After that, we went to Lindon, by which time I was feeling not-very-good again, so I didn't stay very long before driving the Escort home.

Sunday was church (I missed RS due to losing the key to the car for a good half-hour), which was good, followed by other good things, like seeing Mike again, eating Irish Pub Chicken, Irish raisin soda bread, mint ice-cream pie, checking the reservation on the church for our reception, and cutting out the patterns for the skirts.

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