Friday, March 24, 2006

More boring posts?

I bought a veil yesterday. It's very pretty, and ridiculously expensive for how little it consists of (plastic comb, one layer of diamond white veil material cut in a circle-ish shape, and some little shiny crystals glued on randomly...I bet I could figure out how to make the same thing for about $20 or less, though I'd use plastic crystals instead of real ones). I also bought the hoop slip to wear under my dress. And determined that I need to go back and get it altered more, to put a few tacks in the sleeves to keep the folds folded, and to make the modesty panel in the back a little bigger so that I can still breathe when its laced up. My ribs got very sore yesterday from how tight they laced it, and my skin was still peeking through a bit in spots. Must get that fixed, ASAP. Still trying to find affordable options for shoes and jewelry.

I made arrangements to go talk with a lady I know who's very good at decorating to see if she has any brilliant ideas on how to turn a culturual hall (a.k.a. basketball court with a stage) into a lovely-looking reception area.

I also am making arrangements to get to the temple tomorrow. It's been a long time since I've been, I think it will help relieve a lot of my stress (I'm feeling better already just making plans to go).

Thirdly, I am making arrangements to apply for jobs down in Provo. If I can acquire employment there soon, that would definitely make this whole wedding transition much easier.

So, things are getting done, bit by bit. Slow progress, but progress nonetheless. Now, if I could just get caught up on my homework, things would be grand.

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