Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Happy Pi Day!

You should all go eat some pie. Oh yes. Pie is the perfect celebratory food for Pi Day. Then tomorrow is the Ides of March and I get to go be cut open. So fitting.

In other news, the doctor's promises about the effects of the little pills fell through. This could be my fault due to not remembering to take them every day (though I did always take two the next day like the instructions said to). Or it could be that my body is obstinate and refuses to change just because of some little hormone-containing pills. I'm not really upset about any of it, other than the fact that I've still got stupid cramps. Which means I probably should call the doctor up and tell her, so she can see if there's anything else wrong with me in addition to the things that are already wrong with me. I hope it's just due to my not taking the pills quite regularly enough.

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