Friday, March 03, 2006


Today is a day of green. Perforce, it will also be a day of green on St. Patrick's day. Consider today a practice run. I have yet to find cute not-olive green pants that fit me. The search shall continue.

I really have nothing of much worth to say today. Oh, I guess I could tell you all that I scheduled surgery on the 15th, and so I can officially Beware the Ides of March now. But they'll be stabbing me in the front, not in the back, so I suppose I cannot yet claim the title of Caeser. And if that isn't an extremely convoluted stream of illogical logicking, then I don't know what is.

Reminder to self: get tested for asthma.

I went to GameStop yesterday morning. I know they have a not-so-great reputation when it comes to pre-orders of new games, but I never buy new games there anyway, so I see no reason not to frequent the store for other things. Like the new pink and black Chamelon Pro PS2 controller I bought yesterday (It also supposedly works for Playstation, and PSone). I also got to actually see a real-life PSone while at the store. I had no idea they were so small! And round! And the controllers...those are the smallest controllers I've ever seen in my life. At first glance, I thought the whole thing was a DreamCast, but then the controller caused me to take a second look, and behold, I was exposed to the oddity that is the PSone (I always thought before that it was pretty much the same thing as the original Playstation...such a confusing naming system they chose to use with those two).

I need to go rent that Disney movie about the fish who saves the world. Oh yes. So cheesily entertaining.

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