Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Fascinating dreams

My brain came up with quite the story last night. I somehow find myself lucky enough to remember it, so I will share it with you.

I am on a train to San Francisco. The interior of the train resembles the most run-down of public transportation busses. San Francisco supposedly has the opportunity to provide one with fantastic wealth in the midst of lawless, gang-controlled, no-longer-part-of-the-United-States California. During The War, anarchy had broken loose, and when a dictator took control after The War, he was only able to keep control over part of the U.S. and left the rest of the now-dissolved nation to fend for itself. He also decided to pull a mandatory role-reversal, forcing all the husbands to stay at home and be Moms while the wives went off to earn a living for their families. My mother (I refused to call my father my Mom despite the mandate from the dictator) had gone off to Alaska to try to find work, as conditions in the remaining United States had regressed to a new Depression. And I had decided to take the train to San Francisco to try to help support my family somehow.

Once I was done pondering the situation I was in and what had led up to it, the train (of course) arrived at its destination, and I disembarked, following the crowds that were also getting off as they walked to the right and entered into the dirtiest, grayest, cloudiest, most abandoned run-down city I had ever seen. The gangs that controlled SF were sort of like the gangs in the movie Newsies, each headed by a teenager or young adult male with nothing better to do. I was at a complete loss as to where to go to attempt to find a source of income, and wandered around the city for awhile, trying to avoid the various gangs and learn how the city worked. As I was wandering, I bumped into Mike, who introduced himself as the Prince of the Titanic. There were a great many rumors about him in the city, and though most of them weren't true, he did nothing to quash them as they allowed him to lead a life independent of gang control, wandering where he willed and doing what he pleased. That sounded terrific to me, and so because he was Prince of the Titanic, and because he was quite attractive to boot, I followed him around for awhile.

The dream skipped ahead here, to a point where Mike and I had completed our wooing and courting and gotten married. By this point, I had a pretty good grasp of how things worked in San Francisco. Jobs were practically non-existant. Candy existed only in the form of Sweet Tart packages, and it was an incredibly precious commodity that I learned to consume as soon as I got any, as otherwise it would be stolen from me. Mike once handed me a treasure trove of eight Sweet Tarts at once, and I was ecstatic, since I finally had enough to send home to my family, so that they could each have one or two, and it was the first thing of value I had which was worth mailing home. Mike and I lived in an abandoned apartment building. The apartment we had chosen for ourselves had a love seat with several tears that the stuffing was popping out through, and a creaky bed that had a white wrought-iron headboard and footboard.

We were in our apartment one day, when eight women wearing dresses straight from the 1800's burst in through the door. They demanded I participate in a game, the prize of which was Mike. He was highly sought after as Prince of the Titanic, and apparently my claim upon him was not completely solid yet. I do not remember what the game was, but I do remember that I busted out my best impression of Lauryn Hill singing Killing Me Softly, and the women hung their heads and left, defeated.

Another night, not too long after that, as we were laying in bed talking before falling asleep, I heard the jingle of a bell and something moving at the foot of the bed. We had already been through a Sweet Tart theft earlier that day, and so I was a tad jumpy. As my eyes had not yet adjusted to the dark, I held onto Mike and asked him if it was a rat. He took a look. I asked him again if it was a rat, and told him if it was, he should kill it. He kicked it, informed me that it had fallen off the bed, that it wasn't a rat, and that I shouldn't look at it. We stood up on our bed, and leaped together to the love seat to try to escape out of our one unbarred window. I heard the bell again, and turned around to see the mummified skeleton widow of Death, clad in Victorian mourning garb, with a bell around her neck. Her dress was black, her veil covering her hair was black, and the skin clinging around her skull and neck was also black. She had come, she announced, for Mike, and that there was nothing we could do about it, no escape was possible, she would claim her prize. I let go of Mike's hand and tackled her. Once she was pinned to the floor (mummified skeletons are quite feeble, after all), I wrapped my hands around her neck and tried to strangle her, quite unsuccessfully, as she was already dead. I informed her in the most threatening tone I could muster, that she could not have him, he was mine, and I would not part from him. Mike had sat down on the love seat by this point, quite pale, and watched as we argued his fate. I finally let her up off the floor. She straightened her dress, and yelled at me that I could have my Prince of the Titanic as long as I went too. That seemed perfectly fair, so I walked over to Mike and helped him up. She flew out of the barred window on the other side of our apartment, and hovered outside, waiting for us.

We walked to the window, and hugged each other tight as we were sucked into the darkness that awaited.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Suck away my money please.

I need to make another trip to the pharmacy soon, so they can strip even more money out of my steadily-shrinking bank account. I decided it's worth it though, if I never again have to wake up at 3am to go hunch over the commode for an hour because of the extreme nauseation (I have to admit, I have no idea how to properly say that) resulting from too many hormones, and if I never again have to spend a half an hour recovering from not being able to breathe after five minutes of exercise while trying to figure out why my teeth are tingling. I am still waiting to find out how much of the hospital bill the insurance company is going to pay for (hopefully a whole lot of it, as otherwise my bank account will be half as full). Which reminds me, I still need to make an appointment for a follow-up checkup from that. I took the SteriStrip off this morning, and was pleasantly surprised to discover that what I had supposed were stitches were actually just scabs.

I'm still wondering why I decided it would be worth it to try to eat either breakfast or lunch today (or go to work at all for that matter). Well, okay, I decided to go to work for the sake of replacing some of the precious moneys that are being sucked from me by health care professionals the world over. And I ate because I thought it might help me feel better. Unfortunately, it didn't work. At all. If I feel like this from morning sickness when I'm pregnant, I'm going to be a very not-happy pregnant lady. Partially because of feeling sick, but mostly from how often I'll have to be cleaning the toilet.

Friday, March 24, 2006

More boring posts?

I bought a veil yesterday. It's very pretty, and ridiculously expensive for how little it consists of (plastic comb, one layer of diamond white veil material cut in a circle-ish shape, and some little shiny crystals glued on randomly...I bet I could figure out how to make the same thing for about $20 or less, though I'd use plastic crystals instead of real ones). I also bought the hoop slip to wear under my dress. And determined that I need to go back and get it altered more, to put a few tacks in the sleeves to keep the folds folded, and to make the modesty panel in the back a little bigger so that I can still breathe when its laced up. My ribs got very sore yesterday from how tight they laced it, and my skin was still peeking through a bit in spots. Must get that fixed, ASAP. Still trying to find affordable options for shoes and jewelry.

I made arrangements to go talk with a lady I know who's very good at decorating to see if she has any brilliant ideas on how to turn a culturual hall (a.k.a. basketball court with a stage) into a lovely-looking reception area.

I also am making arrangements to get to the temple tomorrow. It's been a long time since I've been, I think it will help relieve a lot of my stress (I'm feeling better already just making plans to go).

Thirdly, I am making arrangements to apply for jobs down in Provo. If I can acquire employment there soon, that would definitely make this whole wedding transition much easier.

So, things are getting done, bit by bit. Slow progress, but progress nonetheless. Now, if I could just get caught up on my homework, things would be grand.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

I eat fried rice. FOR BREAKFAST.

It has ham and eggs in it, and everybody concurs those are acceptable breakfast foods (except for people that don't eat ham...). And it has rice in it, which millions of people eat for breakfast every morning. And it has peas and carrots in it, which are good for me. Therefore, I can find no objections to eating it for breakfast, other than that it might make me overwhelmingly all-powerful.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

It's almost official

I'm officially in the market for a new job. I haven't given my two weeks notice yet, but I told my supervisor and manager during my 6-month review this afternoon that I will not be coming back after I get married. So, if anybody knows of any full-time job openings in Utah Valley, I would love any help I can get in finding a new place of employment.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Strawberry Lemonade

CountryTime now sells strawberry lemonade. The only way it could be better would be if it had a little more lemon juice in it, and strawberry chunks. Then it would be the perfect blend of sweet yet tart strawberriness, and beautifully sour lemonness.

Veng's parents are coming up this weekend to help with wedding planning. Veng will be swordfighting with John Clements all weekend, however, and so I will be in charge of giving them things to help with. This means I will have to rearrange my plans for the weekend a bit, which is alright, I guess.

I made an appointment to get my hair cut on Saturday afternoon. This will conflict a bit, undoubtedly, with various other things that need to be done this weekend, but it badly needs cutting, and I badly need to talk to the hair stylist about if she would be willing to do my hair for me on my wedding day. It will be nice to get that out of the way.

I also took the invitation files in to get proofs of them today. They said it would take 24-36 hours, which I think is ridiculous for printing off three files on their color printer. They also insisted on trying the proofs on their normal color-printing stock paper, which is not heavy, and makes the ink shiny, neither of which I like at all for invitations. I'm going to allow them to do it that way, and if I dislike it as much as I suspect I will, then we will discuss using their color press and some normal cardstock. Hopefully I can get them all printed by next week some time.

The lab results are back. All tests had normal results.

We're going to start using pastels in drawing tonight. I'm looking forward to attempting to copy a painting by Manet or Monet or some other Impressionist. We started mimicking a painting by a famous artist in painting last night too, using a very different technique. Our teacher put a slide in the projector of the painting, and left it incredibly out of focus, so that all we could see were fuzzy areas of color. Then he had us all paint that. Then, halfway through class, he put it slightly more in focus, so the blurriness shrunk, and there was a bit more detail, and we had to adjust our paintings to reflect that. Tomorrow, he'll focus it more, and then again to its final in-focus state. He claims this will help us see general colors and shapes better and how they interact with each other beneath the fine details of a painting. I just think it's fun (except for the part where I got orange paint all over my new cute white and green jacket).

I've been looking up wedding cake designs recently. I think it would be fun to have a pink strawberry-flavored cake with green frosting, but my mother is very dubious (she's making the cake), so we will have to experiment. I have found several other designs I like online, though I don't know if she'll like any of those any better. I will have a cake that I like, it's just a matter of finding one that she can make for me. :)

My emotions keep flip-flopping back and forth between being optimistic that everything will work out and being quite depressed from all the stress. I need to find a way to keep myself a little more evenly keeled.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Proven Benign

Please note, this post is neither very well-written, nor very interesting. If you already think I am a boring person who has no sense of humor, you will not want to read it. If you do not yet think I am a boring person, you may want to preserve the illusion by not reading it. If my brain was working better, I would rewrite it to be both well-written and entertaining. To my horrific misfortune, my brain refuses to work better, and is staging a protest in favor of less work and higher pay-offs in sleep-time to aid in post-illness recovery. It may blatantly go on strike at any moment. This entire paragraph was written after the rest of this post, so be well warned.

I think the illness, whatever it was, has run its course. Thursday I used it as an excuse to go see Troy, and Provoites. That was quite enjoyable, except for the part where I went and ate delicious Thai curry and it made me feel very sick, and I felt progressively worse from there. I do not believe the curry was the cause of feeling ill, I think it just magnified a few of the symptoms. I did not sing at my voice lesson that night, opting instead to set up a TV and DVD player to my teacher's sound system for the purpose of playing her karaoke DVD that had Killing Me Softly (sing like the Fugees!) on it, so that we could record it coming out of the speakers onto a tape, so that I can sing it. I love that version of that song. The version on the DVD was a bit slow, but it'll still be good. She was amazed that I knew what to do with what cords to get it all set up right (they were just standard A/V cables). I went home, and felt very sad because going to Provo made me realize how much I miss just going and sitting around with people on weekdays, not doing anything in particular, just enjoying each others' company. Oh, I also got to watch The Wedding Singer for the first time on Thursday.

On Friday, I woke up feeling rather feverish. My family does not own a thermometer, apparently, so I have no idea if I actually was or not. I took the day off work. I did not do anything all day. I sat in the living room with my mom and watched depressing movies. I called Mike on the phone and cried. I wanted to go to the St. Patty's dance party but knew I could not drive in the state I was in without passing out. I cried some more. We agreed Mike would come to my house, so he did (wonderful person that he is). I got dressed up all in green, and we attempted to drive down to Provo to briefly attend the party. We turned around after about ten minutes of driving because Mike noticed that I was very pale and had a death grip on the seatbelt to hold myself up in the seat. We spent the evening at my house. I watched him and my little brother play DDR. We watched disc two of Princess Nine. I sat on the couch and tried not to move. He walked me to my room after to make sure I didn't fall over on the way, and went home, and I went to sleep.

Saturday, luckily, I woke up feeling marginally better. Well enough to ride in a car, and drive a bit. So, I went shopping with my mother and little sister. I tried on loads of dresses, all of which looked cute on the hangar, and only one of which even looked decent on me. I don't particularly like shopping with my mom, and ended up very tired and frustrated. We were at the Provo Towne Center, so Mike came to meet us there, and then he and I went to get my parents' old brown Ford Escort (manual! yay!) from my older brother who's been driving it for the past two years. Then we went shopping at University Mall. I found no dresses there to try on at all. I didn't find any cute white shoes for the wedding either. But I did find a new store (DEB) that had lots of cute clothes (though their sizes all ran extremely small). I now own a pair of light green pants, a pair of bright green pajama pants, a new light green and white jacket, a pink hoodie t-shirt, a pink-and-green camo cropped hoodie t-shirt thing, and a blue halter top that I want to see if I can figure out some sleeves for (and more fabric in the back). Yet another sewing project. I spent too much money, but everything is a) really cute, and b) all on sale for 25% off for the store opening. And now I can throw out some of my old ugly clothes. After the shopping extravaganza, we went and saw the play Angels Unawares at the Margett's Theater at BYU. I thought it was well done, even if I didn't agree with most of the premises for the play. The costumes and lighting and acting were all great. After that, we went to Lindon, by which time I was feeling not-very-good again, so I didn't stay very long before driving the Escort home.

Sunday was church (I missed RS due to losing the key to the car for a good half-hour), which was good, followed by other good things, like seeing Mike again, eating Irish Pub Chicken, Irish raisin soda bread, mint ice-cream pie, checking the reservation on the church for our reception, and cutting out the patterns for the skirts.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Note to self:

Do not expect to be completely healthy and back to normal a mere day after having surgery, even if you feel perfectly fine the next morning. You will probably start feeling progressively more sore as the day progresses, and end up feeling downright feverish (until you get the chills and become cold and clammy, that is) by the time you go to bed. Then when you wake up the next day, you will probably still feel feverish and clammy all at once. This means you should stay home from work and have another day of not getting ANYTHING done that you had planned to do during your spring break, because every time you have a spare second, your body will laugh at you and mock you with your inability to function properly.

My profoundest apologies to all of the people I saw in Provo yesterday if whatever I have is contagious and I somehow managed to infect you with it. I suspect that it is not contagious, and that it is simply the result of my body over-compensating for being cut open while already suffering from a week-old cold. Then again, maybe I have caught, somehow, the avian influenza and you will all get horribly, horribly ill. Dying isn't allowed either way.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Things I learned yesterday

1. The hospital is freaking freezing.
2. They gave me pants. Yay. And the hospital gown really wasn't too bad.
3. Waiting is boring, especially when the only thing on TV is Judge Alex (what happened to Judge Judy?)
4. Waiting in the room they had me change in for AN HOUR is even more boring, even with my mom there to talk to.
5. Getting an IV hurts. If they tell you it won't, they're lying. It hurts more when it doesn't work the first time and the nurse is poking around trying to get it to hit the darn vein and finally hits it resulting in me bleeding all over my hand and the pillow that was under it. Then she had to pull it out. I almost passed out. She came back in after I got to lie down for awhile with a warm blanket wrapped around my arm to try again on the side of my wrist instead. Apparently it's hard to hit veins in people that have cold hands. And my hands, she said, were freezing.
6. If it snowed five inches in the morning, when you get to the hospital in the afternoon, they will probably be very busy taking care of everyone that couldn't get there in the morning because the hospital is located on the side of a huge steep hill. Your surgery time may even get bumped back an hour.
7. The other worst part, besides the IV, was definitely the not being able to eat or drink anything. Man, I was starving.
8. There's lots of hallways in the hospital. I felt like a really sick person when they wheeled me through them lying down on a bed with sheets over me and a blue cap on my head, with the IV on the side of the cart. They had taken my glasses by that point so I couldn't really see anything.
9. Waiting lying down on a roller bed outside of the operating room while not being able to see anything and having nobody to talk to is even more boring than all the previous waiting combined. Even if it only lasts for ten minutes.
10. Operating room nurses and anesthesiologists can get a little whacky. Especially when they notice you look kind of nervous and learn that you haven't ever been to the hospital for an operation before (apparently, this is quite unusual in someone my age). They were passing around the oxygen mask before putting it on me, and talking about starting an oxygen bar, with flavored oxygen.
11. When the anesthesiologist says he's going to give you something that will make you really sleepy, he's right, it will make you really sleepy. I didn't even notice when they put the blue sheet over my head or started taping me off or anything until they were all done and were just finishing cleaning me up as the anesthesiologist woke me back up.
12. They probably won't remember to take everything off you that they put on you. For me, they forgot to take off the bandages from where the IVs went in, and the two sticky pads that held their little metal things (like the things they stick to your head when you're going to have your brainwaves read) next to my skin. I didn't notice the sticky pads until this morning when one of them had gotten my shirt stuck under it slightly.
13. The nurse may decide to take a break in the middle of checking your vital signs afterwards.
14. It takes them awhile before they finally take out the IV. Stupid IV. I didn't like that thing. Though I'm sure it was good for me.
15. I am not allowed to take off the huge bandage over the wound until 24 hours after the surgery. I can't wear a bra because of it. Time to pull out my baggy shirts. I can't shower until I take that bandage off. Yuck. I have to leave the little sticky pad on underneath that for at least a week, and can't take a bath during that time.
16. Hospital apple juice is really sweet, and leaves a weird aftertaste in the mouth.
17. They may give you a prescription for Loritab, and tell you to keep an ice pack on to prevent swelling and bruising, but if you had a skilled surgeon, you won't need any of that as it will only be slightly sore and tender.
18. LDS Hospital stops their valet parking service at 3pm.
19. It's kind of fun being wheeled out to your car on a wheelchair by a random nurse guy despite the fact that you can walk just fine, if a little slowly.
20. Anesthetic is likely to make you feel reaaaally tired when you get home. After you've eaten, of course. I went to sleep at, like, 8:30. After eating a huge dinner. And then a snack. And then I woke back up and ate two more snacks.

While I was waiting in the room they had me change in, after the first failed IV attempt, my mother told me stories about her old mission companion, a recovered drug addict. This girl got horribly sick on Christmas Eve, and they took her to the hospital. The nurse couldn't find a vein in her arm, and after the nurse had tried about ten different spots, the girl said "give me that", grabbed the needle, and jabbed it perfectly into a vein in her arm. The next day, Christmas, she decided she didn't want to be in the hospital. The doctor refused to release her, claiming she was much too sick. She enlisted my mother to help her breakout. She found a nurse's outfit somewhere in the hospital, changed into it, and ran to the back door where she had my mother waiting with their car and a change of clothes. My mom didn't want to help, but her companion told her she could either help her break out, or she could stay there and not know where she'd gone (big no-no in that mission). This same girl later sent her boyfriend (who was on a mission in France) a live tarantula, fresh from the Arizona desert. It apparently scared the crap out of him. She sounds like she was way fun. I would love to have met her. She came home, got married to the guy she'd sent the tarantula to, had a child, and three years later, died of leukemia. She never told my mom she was even sick at all.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Happy Pi Day!

You should all go eat some pie. Oh yes. Pie is the perfect celebratory food for Pi Day. Then tomorrow is the Ides of March and I get to go be cut open. So fitting.

In other news, the doctor's promises about the effects of the little pills fell through. This could be my fault due to not remembering to take them every day (though I did always take two the next day like the instructions said to). Or it could be that my body is obstinate and refuses to change just because of some little hormone-containing pills. I'm not really upset about any of it, other than the fact that I've still got stupid cramps. Which means I probably should call the doctor up and tell her, so she can see if there's anything else wrong with me in addition to the things that are already wrong with me. I hope it's just due to my not taking the pills quite regularly enough.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Things accomplished

This morning, I was in Happy Valley, where I accomplished the only Really Important Thing that was left (other than the marriage license) in order to get ready for the wedding. Vengance and I signed an apartment contract. Now we have a place to be married, and we have a place to live afterwards. If everything else falls through, we will still be fine. I also have a dress to wear, a place for the reception, invitations for the reception (that haven't been printed yet, need to do that this week), and we registered at Target this weekend for reasonably nice, but not overly expensive things. I have been to various doctors to make sure I will be healthy when I get married, and have new contacts to try out this week.

On my Things Not Done Yet list, I have the acquisition of personal accoutrements to be prettified for the wedding, a hair appointment to make, invitations to print, a couple people to call to see if they'd be willing to help set-up, serve food, and take down reception things, a couple lists of people to invite to compile into one big list and then mailing off all the invitations, shopping for Veng's ring, figuring out decorations and flowers and the cake, shopping for tuxes for the guys and shirts for the girls, sewing the girls' skirts, figuring out where to have the wedding dinner, checking my reservations on everything, and sorting through all my crap and throwing unnecessary things away.

Other than those things, I'm spending my time playing videogames. This weekend, I spent a couple hours playing Final Fantasy VII. I think I'm almost to the second disc now, which is exciting. I was rather frustrated for awhile as I was trying to figure out where I had left the Little Bronco and was unable to locate it. Then I realized that I had not, in fact, acquired it yet in that particular save, so I got to go do the whole Cid thing again. And then Cait Sith...grrr. And now, the Temple of the Ancients. Confusing place to try and find my way around. I doubt I'll be able to finish the game before getting married, but I think I can hold off on watching Advent Children until I'm on disc 2 at least. I'm still playing DDR and Karaoke Revolution as well.

I need to concentrate on spending more time reading as well. And I need to do my homework. It's a good thing I don't have classes this week, and am spending 10 fewer hours a week at work for awhile. I'm looking forward to it all, actually. I'm not too worried if things don't get worked out quite completely perfectly, or if some things don't get worked out at all. I think the extra time in the mornings is already doing me worlds of good in avoiding being stressed. Now if only my mother could acquire the same attitude. ;)

Friday, March 10, 2006


Crazy allergies have me wiped out. Good news: I have prescriptions for an inhaler, for nasal spray, and for Allegra, so I'll fill those after my surgery next week and hopefully they will all work wonders.

Need to remember to make more phone calls today. They need to be done, might as well do them this weekend. I'm looking forward to no classes after work this upcoming week. Tons of stuff I need to do instead.

I got another AA* in DDR yesterday. Very exciting. And I actually passed a couple songs on Standard, complete with crazy half-steps (I got B's on them, which was exciting). I think I'm improving. Very exciting.

Kind of a boring update, neh? More interesting things may come soon. In the meantime, don't die.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Happy birthday to HCFrog! Yay for birthdays!'s been a while since I updated. Which for me means several days.

I have an appointment with the allergist tomorrow to discuss asthma problems. Mayhaps I can acquire me some loot, in the form of an inhaler. Thar be good times ahead, matey.

I have an appointment on Saturday with the eye doctor to discuss getting contacts again. This will only be the third eye doctor I've ever seen. Contacts are good. LASIK will be the best. Someday. Someday when I'm the rich and famous queen of the pirates. Arrrr.

Last Saturday, Veng and I sang in one of my voice teacher's pop concerts. We sang Happy Together by the Turtles as a duet. The entire audience seemed to enjoy it, and Veng got quite into it. It was very fun. I also sang At the Beginning (from Anastasia) and sang, I think, the best I've ever sung at a pops concert before. I need to go acquire some more diamonds in karaoke revolution. And, I need to challenge somebody officially to a Karaoke Revolution Challenge (there's an actual 2-player competition mode that goes through every part of the karaoke revolution game to determine who's the absolute complete best at it). Then I can be the Karaoke Queen of the Pirates.

Speaking of Karaoke reminds me of DDR, which I played for three hours with Veng on Saturday (after playing a few times on Friday night as well). Amazingly enough, though my legs were burning and shaking immediately afterwards, the sensation soon went away and I have not been sore at all since. We have acquired a plethora of A's on Light now. The greatest accomplishment of the weekend though was the fact that I got my first AA*. Ever. And then I got another one on a different song. And another. Three AA*'s in one weekend! I am impressed with myself. True, they were all on Light, but one of them was a five-footer. I think I am improving. Maybe, one of these days, I'll get the hang of half-steps and multi-jump sequences and will be able to proceed to playing songs on Standard. I may eventually become the Dancing Karaoke Queen of the Pirates.

In none-pirate-related news, I am still in desparate need of people's measurements so I can get started on sewing their skirts. This next week is my spring break, and I am determined to get them all sewn while I have no classes to attend, and if I don't get any measurements, I will guess at sizes, and that could well prove disastrous. Acquiring measurements for sewing can really be quite easy. Find a ruler and a piece of string. Wrap the string around your waist, marking where it meets. Measure with the ruler how long it is. Then do the same thing around the hips. Voila.

I have determined that, this summer, whilst I am taking no classes, I am going to sew myself a shirt. One that has detached sleeves. Like this or this (but I like the detachedness of the first more). I will have to get a different-colored fitted shirt to wear under it, but I think it will still be cool.

Everybody seems to have been making bread lately. This makes me want to eat homemade bread. Fresh from the oven. Hot and deliciously soft. It'd be pretty good if it was flavored bread too, with herbs, or cheese, and if I had some balsamic vinegar and olive oil to dip it in. Mmmm. Man, I'm making myself reeeaaally hungry.

Friday, March 03, 2006


Today is a day of green. Perforce, it will also be a day of green on St. Patrick's day. Consider today a practice run. I have yet to find cute not-olive green pants that fit me. The search shall continue.

I really have nothing of much worth to say today. Oh, I guess I could tell you all that I scheduled surgery on the 15th, and so I can officially Beware the Ides of March now. But they'll be stabbing me in the front, not in the back, so I suppose I cannot yet claim the title of Caeser. And if that isn't an extremely convoluted stream of illogical logicking, then I don't know what is.

Reminder to self: get tested for asthma.

I went to GameStop yesterday morning. I know they have a not-so-great reputation when it comes to pre-orders of new games, but I never buy new games there anyway, so I see no reason not to frequent the store for other things. Like the new pink and black Chamelon Pro PS2 controller I bought yesterday (It also supposedly works for Playstation, and PSone). I also got to actually see a real-life PSone while at the store. I had no idea they were so small! And round! And the controllers...those are the smallest controllers I've ever seen in my life. At first glance, I thought the whole thing was a DreamCast, but then the controller caused me to take a second look, and behold, I was exposed to the oddity that is the PSone (I always thought before that it was pretty much the same thing as the original Playstation...such a confusing naming system they chose to use with those two).

I need to go rent that Disney movie about the fish who saves the world. Oh yes. So cheesily entertaining.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006


With extra Mua in the ha-ha, yo.

Because I felt like saying it again.

Distablium: definitions wanted.

It's not cloudy today. I need to spend some time outside in the sun. Sun is supposedly good for the serotonin levels. Mine seem to be out of whack lately. This could be because of the hormones I'm taking. I think I need a daily sunshine dose to counteract it. And a daily exercise dose. And possibly a daily dose of having a clean room.

I need to call people to get their measurements so I can get started on skirt sewing. Important, important.

Happy March! Month of St. Patrick's Day, Pi Day, and the Ides of March. And the first day of spring, if I remember right (do I remember right, or am I wrong?). Blustery piglets. Good times.