Friday, February 17, 2006


So it's really quite interesting seeing the adjectives other people would use to describe me. It was likewise interesting to fill them out for other people. I found that the Johari was generally easy to do. The Nohari was much harder, especially since it *makes* you pick at least 5, and so on several peoples, I picked an adjective that I didn't really agree applied to them simply because I had to pick one more. Very frustrating. I don't agree with some of the adjectives people picked to describe me, but I can understand, I guess, why they picked them.

More nightmares recently. If they weren't both very, very personal, I would share them, as the first, in particular, was full of amazingly rich images.

My painting portfolio review on Monday went quite well. My teacher had a lot of suggestions for improvement on all of my paintings, but he said overall he likes my work, thinks I'm doing well in the class, and appreciates my work ethic. I think perhaps my good work ethic in class is to make up for my poor work ethic at work. I'm particularly pleased with how my two most recent color paintings have turned out. I'm supposed to paint a tube of toothpaste for my homework this weekend. I don't remember what my drawing homework is. I probably ought to email my teacher about that.

After work today I'm going to have a lovely evening of doing nothing in-particular (i.e. shopping and movie watching) with Veng. Tomorrow, fabric and pattern shopping, finishing the invitations, and homework. Not the most interesting of weekends, but I think it will provide a nice break.

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