Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Moneys and facial similarities

Man, I haven't splurged on anything (for myself or other people) for about a whole month now. Seems kind of weird. I was sorely tempted to pick up Adobe CS2 today with my UofU student discount (which makes it $400 instead of $1200) but I resisted because technically I don't *need* it for anything. It'd just be way fun to play with. And I haven't bought a second DDR pad, or a second karaoke mic, or any DS games, or any PS or PS2 games, or any music online or on CD, or any clothes. All of which is probably good.

I did that online facial recognition thing where you upload a picture and it compares your facial features to a database of approximately 2,000 celebrities and then tells you which ones you look most like. Kind of interesting. I thought it particularly interesting that, with most of the results it gave me, there was only one picture of that celebrity that really looked much like the picture I uploaded. At any rate, the results are in, and I supposedly look like:

Ninet Tayeb (64% similarity) - an Israeli pop singer who is a few months younger than I am
Zhang Ziyi (64% similarity) - a Chinese actress
Sophie Marceau (62% similarity) - a French actress
Condoleezza Rice (59% similarity) - politician
Beyonce Knowles (58% similarity) - founding member of Destiny's Child
Eva Braun (58% similarity) - Hitler's long-time companion and short-time wife
Liza Minelli (55% similarity) - Judy Garland's daughter

All the rest were below 50% so I didn't bother writing them down. Interesting list though.

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