Monday, February 13, 2006

It was a long weekend

First off, results of the invitation contest:
2 people entered. 1 person gets candy (or something else cool) and the other person doesn't get anything because it was me. I won, but only barely, as HCFrog gave me a good run for my money. I still have some tweaking to do on the colors and things, and I need to get the wording figured out completely, after which Veng is going to pick a font and arrange the text and things. I would like to post up a copy of the invitation (w/o words) up here for people to see, but I'm not sure how legal that would be, as to create it I took photographs of two pieces of art in my room which I acquired in China and then manipulated the images in PhotoShop. So technically I'm using somebody else's artwork. Without permission. But I'm leaving the artist's mark on the invitation. In the end, I have no idea as to issues of legality when it comes to art acquired in China.

On Friday, I got home late from work (darn rush hour traffic) to find Veng waiting at my house for me, so I rushed and changed and we left. Veng presented me with various presents throughout the night (for Valentine's Day) including roses, and 3 bracelets (all very cute). We went to a talent show put on by the psychology department (including some outstanding performances by various psychology professors and students, and a rare sighting of a prior teacher/club-advisor (sci-fi/fantasy/horror lit for the class, sci-fi/fantasy club) playing the electric guitar very well in a very good jazz band). Then we went out to eat at a Chinese restaurant. We both had the buffet, which amazingly included fresh sushi and Mongolian Barbecue, as well as standard buffet food. It was fabulous. I got to see sushi being made, which was fun. They got a big tip due to the great service and food, and we decided we'd like to have our wedding dinner there. After that, we watched the Daft Punk anime music movie, which was entertaining, then parted our ways for the night, as I went and slept over at 308.

Saturday morning, DigiDestinedBabe was kind enough to let me use some of her drawing supplies to do my drawing homework. Veng came over for breakfast, to which DDB also donated some delicious doughnuts. We stopped briefly by the "Anime Fighting Games Iron Gamer Tournament" to see Kratza, then headed up to Salt Lake. I read the rest of Veng's psychology book (Love's Executioner, by Dr. Yalom, very interesting read). We went out to eat at Cafe Madrid, which has fabulous (albeit very expensive) food. Best duck I've ever eaten, and the flan was completely delicious. We split an entire meal, which ended up being just the right amount of food for the two of us. We came back to my house, watched a bit of a Pink Panther movie on TV, then went to sleep.

Sunday morning, I was awoken by a terrifying nightmare. It was bizarre and horribly frightening all at the same time. I woke Veng up a little early (he was sleeping on the couch) to tell him about it. Telling him about it, and trying to figure it out a bit, took quite a bit longer than expected, so we ended up being late to church. Church went well, like always, after which we came home and ate some lunch, then started on homework. I attempted to paint a 12-can box of Country Time Lemonade. It turned out horribly. We had dinner, ran off to a singing practice, after which I broke down crying a couple times (mostly due to being tired), came back to my house, and worked on homework some more. I tried to paint a bite-sized Snickers. It looks nothing like chocolate. Probably because it's in black and white, and I didn't do very good. I much prefer painting in color. Veng and I then proceeded to decide on an invitation, after which he went back home, and I went to bed.

Woke up early this morning to do another painting. I painted my keys and keychains. It turned out quite well, not perfect, but pretty good, and I'm pleased with it. I was late to work because of it though. Cleaning brushes is a lot easier when you've got good scrubbing soap that has gritty stuff in it that gets the paint out. After work today I get to go to class, where I'll be subjected to my first-ever review of my current "portfolio" (a.k.a. all my assignments for my painting class thus far). It'll be interesting to see what my teacher has to say about everything. I don't expect him to have anything good to say about the two black-and-white paintings I did yesterday, but I'm hoping the rest will get positive responses.

Overall a good weekend, got lots done, but I'm really tired, not nearly enough sleep was acquired. Maybe I'll be able to remedy that next weekend.

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