Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Hooray for coupon-saving aunts!

It was a good weekend. I did absolutely no homework. I managed to be reasonably productive anyways, though. Feel free to skip the next few paragraphs if you aren't interested in wedding-planning-related blabberings.

Invitations: I fixed the invitation design, added and formatted the wording, printed off a version to discover my parents' printer was out of most of its ink, purchased blank invitations/envelopes/enclosure cards from eXpedX (on sale, that day only), replaced the ink in my parents' printer, printed off a sample invitation on some cardstock, got advice on it from several people, fixed a couple more things, and they're looking good.

Bridesmaids' skirts: Found a Simplicity pattern (the skirt on the left) at JoAnn's which I purchased with a coupon from my aunt for $4 off. I also learned about putting horsehair ribbon stuff in hems to make the skirt flow out without having to make a tulle underskirt, so purchased some of that (with more coupons). Went to Hancock Fabrics and found that they were having a sale on Simplicity patterns (99 cents each). Purchased two (different sizes) of the one I had already purchased, then returned it to JoAnn's ($6 extra dollars to spend on something else, yay). Trekked over to a different JoAnn's, where I found some lovely pink satin, which I purchased using a 50% off coupon (from Roberts', which JoAnn's accepts, hooray) that my aunt gave me. Also purchased zippers, thread, pins, eyes, and hooks. Overall price per long formal skirt when everything's divided up? $16. I love my aunt, and I love my aunt's coupons. Hopefully I'll be able to sew the skirts without too much trouble now. I need measurements, and then I can get started on cutting and pinning.

Non-wedding-related weekend accomplishments:

Chose border fabric for the double-wedding-ring quilt my mother is making for Vengance and me (okay, that one is wedding related...sorry. I promise the rest aren't.)

Purchased a second microphone for Karaoke Revolution Party, and a copy of Katamari Damacy. Sang almost every single song in the karaoke game, unlocked most of the unlockable things, and watched Veng get a solid 2/3 of the way through Katamari. Got my cousins to play Karaoke Revolution Party as well. The minigames are hilarious.

Vengance got to go sledding while I was fabric shopping.

We watched Pride and Prejudice at the dollar theater. It was the first chick flick I have ever watched in a theater with Veng. We both liked it quite a lot.

I taught my first lesson in Relief Society. It went alright. I was very nervous.

I ate banana pancakes for the first time. Veng and I sang Jack Johnson's Banana Pancakes song to each other while eating.

I got my Bluetooth Earpiece set up to use with my phone, so now I can talk to Veng every night hands free. I feel like such a techie geek.

Overall, it was a very good long weekend. It made me fervently wish that every weekend was an extra day long, as I'm sure I would get much more done.

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