Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Happy February 15th

It was a pretty good Valentine's Day yesterday. I dressed up in pink and red, with my Geek LVR tank top under my pink button-up shirt, multiple heart bracelets, my silver hearts belt, and my pink scarf. So I felt all pretty all day, which is always a pleasant feeling. I was not feeling well, so I did not go to work. Instead, I went fabric shopping. I think I found the fabric I would like to use for the bridesmaids' skirts. Lovely shades of pink and green. Now I need to find a pattern so I can go purchase the fabric and get started sewing. My problems with buying a pattern currently are due mainly to inexperience and a lack of knowledge.

Pattern questions:
a) What brand of pattern should I get? Are there any that are both affordable and easy to follow and turn out well?
b) I figure A-line is good for skirts for pretty much everybody. I want the skirts to actually flare out a bit at the bottom though, rather than just hanging down in drapes and folds due to the weight of the satin. So I figure the skirts need some tulle under them. Should I look for a pattern that includes tulle in it?
c) If I can't find a pattern that has tulle in it, I figure I can make slips with tulle to go with the skirts. Where should the tulle start in its ruffly layers on the slip so that it doesn't poof the skirt weird? I'm assuming I should sandwich it between the lining of the skirt and a lining for the slip, since tulle isn't exactly comfortable against the skin, and can look really weird directly against a top fabric of a skirt, causing odd bunching.
d) Should I just look for a pattern for a poofy tulled slip?
e) Tea-length or long?
f) Pink or green or some of each? (Not some of each within the same skirt, though I wouldn't mind doing pink ribbon accents on the green skirts or vice versa or some such thing, but rather, some pink skirts and some green skirts).

And a not-skirt-related question:
Where's a good place to buy multiple sizes of cool black shirts that look nice and fit several different body types?

After my reasonably successful fabric shopping adventure, I drove to Provo, where I had a wonderful lunch with some wonderful ladies that included flowers and candies and bracelets and many hours of talking.

By that point, I noticed that in one short hour, Veng would be off of work. He was not expecting to see me in Provo. So, of course, I decided to surprise him. One hour later, after reading a volume of WJuliet at Borders, I managed to get him to tell me where he worked and met him there (1 minute away from Borders), got a super-special tour, then we went and meandered about in Borders for 45 minutes until I had to leave for class. It was a good Valentine's Day surprise. I got him the Kenshin OAV which he's been wanting for years while we were there, which was also a good Valentine's Day present.

Then I went to class. Our teacher let us out early, which was good, because I was feeling decidedly worse health-wise by that point, so I went home, ate dinner, called Veng, and then promptly went to bed.

I still don't feel good this morning but I came to work anyways, can't not go to work everytime I'm feeling sick afterall, or I'd only work 60% of the year. That would be nice...

In other news, I'm currently missing the presence of a poet, lyricist, gamer, psychologist, tech support person, philosopher, skiier, gangsta, techie, hat-eater, good kisser, comforter, singer, bluetooth user, fajita chef, dancer, astronomer, hearty laugher, good babysitter, review writer, magician, scuba diver, Vans owner, sword fighter, anime fan, Dungeon Master, deep sleeper, PhotoShop teacher, off-roader, fashion consultant, mouth breather, art appreciater, photographer, cheese lover, snowball maker, cliff jumper, spelunker, good aimer, tire squealer, best friend. Love you, love.

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