Thursday, February 09, 2006

Design Kirsa's Invitation Contest! See below for rules. And by below, I mean the bottom of the post.

New avatar time. What to use though? I'll find one eventually, undoubtedly. Maybe I'll draw one during lunch or something.

Whoever tried to call me last night (I'm not sure who it was, I don't have your number programmed into my phone yet), I'm very sorry I didn't pick up. I was in the middle of washing off my paintbrushes after class, and my hands were both very wet and very painty. I finally got them clean enough to pick up right after you hung up. I tried calling you back about ten minutes later, but you didn't answer. Anyways, my sincerest apologies.

I'm so glad I don't have class again tonight. Too tired for it.

TRAX was ridiculously crowded this morning. There were a bunch of what looked suspiciously like high school kids on it. I'm not sure why they were riding, or where they were going. Lots of people (myself included) had to stand. I haven't ever seen it that crowded before at that time of day.

I had delicious citrus halibut, wild and brown rice pilaf, and yams for dinner last night. Sooo good. I ate way too much. I definitely need the recipes for those.

So tired. If I wasn't at work, I'd take a nap.

Have to remember to turn in my MMR dates to the U. And other stuff.

When's spring break? I neeeeed it. BYU should have a spring break too. And work should have a spring break. Then I could have a nice solid uninterrupted week to accomplish wedding planning. Get the invitations, get the guest list done, buy fabric, find a veil and shoes, go flower shopping, pick how I want the cake to look, figure out decorations, you know, stuff like that. Get a ton of stuff done all in a week and then not have to worry about it anymore. That'd be great. Then I could have a month and a half of relaxing sleep not having to stress all the time about not having done this or that yet. Apartment shopping, can't forget that one.

How does anybody have time to do laundry?!

In other news, today is pretty good, other than being sleepy. No class tonight, such an exciting thought. Only 4 assignments to do this weekend (blah). Drawing homework shouldn't be too bad. Painting homework, 3 assignments at 3 hours a piece, plus finishing up / making better paintings we did in class to prepare for the review of our 'portfolios' by our teacher next week. Plus two dates. I refuse to go on less than two dates this weekend. Plus I'd really like to see some of my friends, if possible, on Saturday. Let's see, how am I going to pull this off?

Scheduling: (I don't really like it when my blog becomes me to-do list, but it's very helpful for me, as boring as it may be for everybody else)

Today: work through lunch, leave work at 4:30, go to an Invitations place and try to get samples, go home, eat dinner, go to voice lesson, go home, call Mike, go to bed.
Tomorrow: get to work early maybe? maybe not possible. Work through lunch maybe? Go to Provo for date with Mike. Sleep over with friends.
Saturday: See more friends, do drawing homework. Come back up to Salt Lake. Do a painting assignment. Go on a date with Mike. Do another painting assignment.
Sunday: church. Come home, do third painting assignment. Dinner and choir practice with Mike. Fix up paintings. Pick an invitation with Mike. Even if 'picking an invitation' means throwing something together in PhotoShop.

Anybody have any grand invitation design ideas? I want something kind of modern, yet elegant. (Note, this means no embossed shiney white flowers) Something that will go well with a landscape engagement picture (it's not a landscape as in trees and grass and junk although it does have trees and grass in it, it's a portrait, by which I mean a picture of people, obviously...print format here, print format = landscape, not portrait. Who came up with such confusing terms? The picture is horizontally oriented) that has blues and golden yellows in it. Something that does not make people think our wedding colors are blues and golden yellows (they are in fact, pink and green, and I would love to incorporate some green into the invitation somehow). And something that I can print off for relatively cheap. Okay, all you artsy people, design away! If you get your design to me by Saturday night, I may very well decide to use it for our invitations, and then you can be the lucky winner! I'll even pay you for it, if I use it. At least $20. Quite possibly a decent amount more, depending on how much printing and envelopes and postage cost. Any takers? Anybody? Anybody? Beuhler?


Th. said...


I wish I could enter the avatar contest. Oh, if only I knew you better!

And what I've always wanted to know: Who stole your blog name without having content? Can you link to her so we may scorn her in her sins?

As for you invite, I wish you could have seen ours. Lady Steed made them by dying and salting watercolor paper (a process I do not understand) and then printing the invitation on vellum which was then sewed to the watercolor paper. Ask anyone who has seen one--they were incredible.

If she ever gets back on line, you could request a post on the subject--and if we had a scanner we could even scan one in (sans personal information of course--ever seen a censored wedding invite?).

kirsa said...

th. - Your invitations sound like they were lovely.

My reference in my sub-header is to whoever the girl is that has claimed as her own. It's entirely possible that she created the blog for the sole purpose of commenting on other people's blogs, which I really can't blame her for, since that was my original reasoning behind having 3 blogs. I've been using my name as my nym for my blogs because it's unusual, and frankly, I'm horrible at coming up with nicknames for myself. So I was able to acquire, and, and was hoping to also acquire to complete my blog triumverate, all toting my name. But, obviously, it didn't happen.

I decided to use that as my blog subtitle because it sounded, in my head at the time, like an intriguing and clever thing to say. Now that the mystery has been removed from it, I may very well have to go back and come up with something that actually is intriguing and clever. Or random. Random works too.