Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Chips, crisps, and lunching

Doritos aren't as good as they used to be. I don't know if this is simply because I've finally, ultimately, grown up, or if they honestly just don't taste as good anymore. I'm inclined to think it's the latter, as I still love Cheetos. They must've slightly changed their ratios of cheeses and spices. It's really the only feasible explanation.

While I am lunching on various foodstuffs, I shall briefly discuss my drawing class last night. Ready? Here we go. We started shading. I practiced drawing Van Gogh during the teacher's explanation of how shading works. Then I drew a cube, and shaded it, just like the slide our teacher showed us. Then I drew a cone, and shaded it, just like another part of that same slide. Our teacher went around and looked at everybody's drawings. He picked mine up and showed it to the class, because he liked my cone, because it had lots of contrast. Then we started drawing a really complicated object which I get to shade for homework for the next couple of weeks. The End.

I shall now return you to your regularly scheduled lunch-hour food discussion. I do not like raisins, unless they are contained in bread. The reason for this has never been properly ascertained, other than that I really just haven't ever liked raisins. Veng was eating Raisin Bran the other day, and stated that he wished the raisins would reconstitute themselves into grapes. He then immediately rescinded his statement, clarifying that really, he thought grapes in cereal would be gross. I like grapes. I do not, on the other hand, like prunes, though I do like plums. I don't like dried bananas very much either. I love dried coconut and dried pineapple and other dried tropical fruits though. I do not like dates. They have a weird texture. It is not nearly as bad, however, as the texture of red bean paste. That otherwise-tasty concoction makes me gag due to its horrid texture. It might be good in ice cream.

I am almost never in the mood for bananas at lunchtime. Bananas are a breakfast food, unless they're on a peanut-butter sandwich. (Is peanut-butter supposed to be hyphenated?) Or in banana bread. Or in banana cream pie. Or in banana curry chicken.

I ate M&Ms for breakfast this morning. Shame on me.

The time has arrived for the channel to change, and for me to go forth and read webcomics.

Au'revoir, friends, and may you have good eatings.

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