Wednesday, February 08, 2006






Okay, so I made that last one up. Doesn't it sound cool though? Yeah. Okay. Anyways.

Being a comment-questing fiend, I realize I have done very poorly at commenting on everyone else's blogs. I will attempt to remedy this once again. The big problem is, the only time I have time to read blogs is while I'm at work, which I'm not supposed to do unless I'm on my lunch break, and my lunchbreak is only half an hour long which is generally barely enough time to cram all my webcomic reading and blog reading and forum reading into, let alone responding to anything. So, my apologies. I'll work on it.

Haven't done anything on the wedding list yet. Haven't done my homework yet. Get home every night, way tired, go lie in bed and call Mike and randomly talk for half an hour or an hour then go to sleep. Need to work on lots of stuff.

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